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Shampoo bio 207mL avec pompe à mousse
Shampoo bio 207mL avec pompe à mousse
Shampoo bio 207mL avec pompe à mousse
Shampoo bio 207mL avec pompe à mousse
Shampoo bio 207mL avec pompe à mousse
Shampoo bio 207mL avec pompe à mousse
Shampoo bio 207mL avec pompe à mousse
Shampoo bio 207mL avec pompe à mousse

Shampoo bio 207mL avec pompe à mousse

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La formule shampooing bio de EcoSpaw est 100% naturelle et est renforcée par notre nanotechnologie unique est l'innovation la plus saine pour vos animaux de compagnie. Notre shampooing pour animaux de compagnie permet un nettoyage en profondeur en éliminant les huiles, la saleté et les odeurs tout en maintenant un pelage sain pour le bien-être de votre animal..

  • Élimine la saleté, l'huile et les squames
  • Élimine les odeurs au lieu de simplement masquerg)
  • 100 ingrédients biologiquess
  • Anti-démangeaisons
  • Désodorisant
  • Sans larmes
  • Hypoallergénique
  • pH équilibré
  • Sans danger pour les peaux les plus sensibles
  • Soulage les points chauds et apaise la peau sèche et squameuse
  • Rajeunit complètement et entretient la fourrure des animaux de compagnie
  • Ajoute une brillance naturelle à votre animal
  • Biodégradable, végétalien, sans cruauté envers les animaux

comment s'inscrire?

Appliquez de la mousse sur votre animal et frottez avec vos mains, une brosse ou une éponge et rincez.

Qu'est-ce que la nanotechnologie 

Les nanoparticules sont des molécules colloïdales extrêmement petites. Ces particules créent un agent de démoulage hydrocarboné unique qui soulève les huiles, la saleté et amp; graisse en les décomposant au niveau moléculaire sans endommager la peau de votre animal.n. 


Ingrédients: Eau d'osmose inverse, acides gras, soja, éthanol, bicarbonate de sodium

NE CONTIENT PAS: Acides; Ammoniac; Produits animaux; Chlore; Éthers de glycol; Détergents nocifs; Substances appauvrissant l'ozone; Distillats de pétrole; Les sulfates; Parabens; Phosphates; Produits chimiques synthétiques; COV composés organiques volatils.).

EcoSpaw a été testé en laboratoire (pour les COV, les SVOC / POM, les biocides, les pyréthroïdes, les PCB, les HAP, les organophosphates et les phtalates) et s'est avéré absolument non toxique et inoffensif pour les animaux et les humains.

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sabrina, p.
Canada Canada
Perfect for my new pup

This pet shampoo is really gentle on my yorkie puppy. Really easy to use, rinses with ease and cleans my pup without the use of chemicals.

Maria B.
Canada Canada
We LOVE it!

We love the pet shampoo! It leaves my dogs coat so soft and shiny and surprisingly lasts a long time for a medium size dog. My dog always smells very fresh with the natural scent. I’m very excited to try the lavender scent this time!!! HIGHLY recommend!

John C.
Canada Canada
The only one for me

This is the only shampoo I’ll ever use on my dog. Nothing but a positive experience using EcoSpaw, no irritation, itchiness - just a clean pup!

Sylvester J.
Canada Canada
Smelly cat not smelly anymore

We have two cats and one of them started to smell so we tried this product and it worked amazingly. Rather than cover over the smell it's actually completely gone and days later he still smells and feels fresh. Highly recommend this product!

Canada Canada

I really like this shampoo.

Shirley B.
Canada Canada
Tried it first on my own hair, and then bathed my dog

I usually have to use conditioner as well as shampoo on my hair but I used only the Pet Shampoo. Initially, I found the pump and foam difficult as I could not tell how much I was actually putting on. However, as I massaged it into my scalp and hair, I discovered that I started to feel a 'squeak' so I knew I had put enough on. My hair turned out beautifully and there were no tangles. It also had a lovely texture. I was glad that I had practised before bathing my dog as I knew that I had to put lots of foam on a sponge plus I put some in a small bowl. I did not want him to have to stand in the tub too long. He is a 40 pound Shetland Sheepdog with lots of hair. I found that the shampoo rinsed out very well. As I was drying him outside I was glad that I did not use conditioner on him, as I usually do, as the shampoo made his coat silky with no tangles. Ten days have passed since his bath and his coat has a beautiful texture and still no tangles. I am very happy with this product but would suggest that more foam come out more quickly for bathing dogs with lots of coat.

Great product!

Natural scent! Softest she's ever been thanks so much! Can't wait for this product to boom big!

After Five Days of use.....

Was not aware that the shampoo didn’t suds, used more than I normally would have but was not a problem. Rinsed beautifully, coat was soft, clean and not scented. There was no irritation from this product, no scratches or rubbing! Did not kill fleas but repelled them. They were dazed the first day but alive. Have no idea if the larvae survives! Yet!