What ingredients are your products composed of?

Ingredients: Bio based formula consisting of fatty acids, botanic plant based enzymes and minerals, organic alcohols, sodium bicarbonate and vegetable & soybean oils blended with water.

Option between unscented or scented with natural lavender oil.

DO NOT contain: Acids; Ammonia; Animal Products; Chlorine; Glycol Ethers; Harmful Detergents; Ozone Depleting Substances; Petroleum Distillates; Phosphates; Synthetic Chemicals; Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

What is nanotechnology and how does it work? Is it safe?

Nanoparticles are extremely small (colloidal) molecules. These particles create a unique hydrocarbon release agent that lifts oils, dirt & grease to be rinsed away without damaging your pet’s skin and without the need to soak the skin with excessive amount of water. Nanoparticles break apart those molecules into water-soluble, biodegradable components; therefore, it is completely safe for the environment.   

Are EcoSpaw products truly completely non-toxic?

Eco-Pet Shower has been laboratory tested (for VOCs, SVOCs/POMs, Biocides, Pyrethroids, PCBs, PAHs, Organophosphates and Phthalates) and found to be absolutely nontoxic and harmless to animals and humans. 

How do I apply the foamer shampoo?

Spray or pour onto your furry friend to be cleaned. Agitate, allow dwell time, and scrub with hands, cloth, sponge, or brush.

What is the difference between the waterless/dry shampoo versus the traditional foamer shampoo?

Our waterless/dry pet shampoo does not require any rinsing with water but it does remove dirt and has a deodorizing effect. However, it should only be used as a quick cleansing and not as a substitute for a complete and traditional cleansing with our traditional foamer pet shampoo.

For example, a common situation in which the waterless/dry shampoo can be used would be when small accidents occur (urine, vomit etc), after a walk (if your dogs get a little bit dirty), with animals that are not keen on water (cats) or whenever it's not possible to get your dogs wet (after a surgery).

How do I apply the waterless/dry shampoo?

To mildly cleanse and deodorize your pet's coat, apply the waterless shampoo directly and gently rub in. It can also be sprayed on a small cloth to wipe the dog after each walk. You will notice, it absorbs very quickly. Allow to air dry. No rinse required. After a while, you can brush it off so that the residues don’t remain in.

How do I apply the tick & flea spray?

You can apply the tick & flea spray on the dog and on his bed. Please note the tick & flea is natural and non-medicated; therefore, it is going to eliminate and flush down the ticks & fleas, not repeal them. On the other hand, you can use it as many times as possible since it is non-toxic. Apply as needed, before and after walks (also helps clean your furry friend!)